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Air compressor by air-compact GmbH High Pressure Solutions

As a cooperation partner air-compact GmbH High Pressure Solutions kindly supports the research diving team of EXPLO with a petrol engine driven breathing air compressor PE200-TB by ‘BAUER Kompressoren’.


The brand-new device was handed over to Johannes Reich and Marco Hostettler (University of Bern) by Ernst Buchheit on 22 April 2020 at the air-compact GmbH headquarters in Wohlen AG, Switzerland. It is made available to EXPLO for 4 years at no cost.


The supply of breathing air to research divers is crucial to underwater archaeological investigations. Thanks to the PE200-TB compressor by ‘BAUER Kompressoren’ provided by air-compact GmbH we are able to supply our divers with clean breathing air. The compressor is powered by a petrol engine and allows us to work in remote regions as visited in the EXPLO project.


With this generous commitment air-compact GmbH contributes significantly to the success of the EXPLO research expeditions. THANK YOU!